Topics Covered in This Course

  • Introduction to Brain States

    Members of the Behavior Response Team discuss the primary brain states your child shifts through and the brain function at each state.

  • Three Brain States

    Take a deeper dive into the primary brain states: Survival, Emotional, and Learning. Learn to identify each state and how to support your child accordingly.

  • Strategies & Resources

    Access downloadable handouts for the strategies discussed and linked resources to help you along your parenting journey.

Brain States and Their Role in Behavior

Here are the topics covered

    1. Brain States Introduction

    1. Identifying the Survival State

    2. Shifting Out of the Survival State

    3. Practice Breathing During a Calm State

    1. Identifying the Emotional State

    2. How to Use Empathy and Encouragement

    3. What Not to Do in the Emotional State

    1. What is the Learning State

    2. Reminders and Resources

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